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  1. Mud and Blood 2.3
  2. Hex Empire
  3. Mud and Blood 2.6
  4. Warfare 1944
  5. Desert Warfare 2
  6. Mud and Blood 2.c
  7. Elite Forces: Clone Wars
  8. Warfare 1917
  9. Sniper Duty
  10. 1066

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  1. Creeper World: Evermore (4.83)
  2. StarBaron (4.82)
  3. Eridani (4.79)
  4. Warfare 1917 (4.64)
  5. 1066 (4.63)
  6. Frontier (4.63)
  7. Pandemic 2 (4.63)
  8. Sands of the Coliseum (4.62)
  9. Steambirds Survival (4.62)
  10. Warfare 1944 (4.61)

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Play adventure games and take on a new and exciting journey to a different world.

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Asgard once a peaceful land for everyone to live have been invaded by orcs. Team up with archer and sorceress, and fight them in this RPG adventure! Asgard Story Build and protect castles simultaneously in this original and addictive puzzle game! Castle Lite Search and explore the dungeon full of mysterious items and find a way out while forging items and defeating monsters! Elventales: The Arcanery By the time of WWII, the Nazis built the weapons that were far more superior than others so a Union Army was sent to spy on them. Your mission is to destroy the enemy's newly manufactured tanks. Warfare 1945 Pirates have invaded the shores! Use the little piranha to sink pirate boats and ships in this underwater action adventure. Feed Us Pirates A turn-based RPG that follows the story of a young Dragon on his quest to defeat an evil witch. This time he must seek allies to aid him on his journey and save the world from oncoming invasion. Crystal Story II
Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

Alien on a mission. Go get those gems. Find your way out of every level.

5,111 » adventure games
The Stoneager

The Stoneager

Avoid death and lead your tribe to the new Era by delivering a piece of bronze back to your home-cave through the prehistoric land.

10,163 » adventure games
Telepath Psy Arena

Telepath Psy Arena

You are a poor man in the desert city of Ravinale looking to improve his lot in life by competing in the city??s Grand Tournament. Fight battles and earn gold to train your team of fighters.

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Haku: Spirit Storm

Haku: Spirit Storm

Haku the dragon is on a quest to find his true spirit, but must do all he can to avoid the evil soul eaters.

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Occident Warrior

Occident Warrior

The days of Foriencia changed forever When the dark army of Ash arrived taking over the realms! All hope is on the Occident warrior to fight his way through 6 different world, learning new skills to defeat the evil Lord.

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World of Pain 2

World of Pain 2

A Classic adventure RPG with huge world map, dungeons, encounter battles and other surprises. Gain exp to level your character and upgrade your stats and skills.

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Knightfall 2

Knightfall 2

Help the knight to conquer an ancient evil in this epic puzzle RPG, set in a whole new world of monsters, treasure and adventure!

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My Territory

My Territory

Battle other minions you encounter on the world map as you complete quests for mr boss. Upgrade your core character with new spells, health and damage strength.

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Sling Wars 2: Angels vs. Demons

Sling Wars 2: Angels vs. Demons

Angels are fighting against satanic host in this Sling Wars game sequel.

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King's Island 2

King's Island 2

The sequel to King's Island. Kaptivos adventure continues in this hack 'n' slash RPG game.

6,109 » adventure games
Grave Shift Sewers

Grave Shift Sewers

Help Arimose safely find his way past the dangers that await him to deliver the message of the Prophets. Make your way past the murky sewer waters so he may travel deep into the belly of the earth and southward towards the White Warlock.

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