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  5. Desert Warfare 2
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  7. Elite Forces: Clone Wars
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  1. Creeper World: Evermore (4.84)
  2. StarBaron (4.83)
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  6. 1066 (4.63)
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  10. Steambirds Survival (4.62)

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Hunting Games

Here you'll see games related to hunting of all types.

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Hunter Joe has to travel through a long and terrible dungeon where bloodthirsty monsters and  creatures are waiting for him. Dungeon Hunter Joe Hunting season is open! But instead of wild animals getting hunted, it's the hunters who're in trouble! Hunter Panic Dinosaurs are attacking the village from both air and ground. Help defend the village by shooting all incoming dinosaurs. Dino Attack Unleash your full arsenal on clay discs and other targets! Grampa Grumble's Skeet Shoot Try to catch as many as fish as possible by timing your catching device perfectly then putting them into a basket. Pretty difficult. Fishing Penguin Hunt the forest for all sorts of animals. There are secret objects what will get you bonus points as well as you can lose points by shooting the wrong things. Try to unlock different skin types by completing each levels. Forest Hunt
Elona Shooter

Elona Shooter

A chaotic shooter with RPG elements. Choose from 8 playable classes, train new skills, customize your weapons, develop your troops and survive.

33,347 » shooting games
Vulture Shooter

Vulture Shooter

Crazy shooter from Wild West! Shoot as many vultures as possible before time runs out and find out what alias have elders of the tribe given you!

7,371 » shooting games
Bird Hunter

Bird Hunter

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to be an expert bowman? Shoot down the birds as they fly by.

18,889 » shooting games
Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt

Straight from the NES, this is as good as it was all those years ago.

11,715 » sports games
Ant City

Ant City

Have fun but watch out for that lorry!

14,681 » arcade games


Skeet shooting, 5 levels of clay pigeon shooting.

41,700 » shooting games
Dungeon Hunter Joe

Dungeon Hunter Joe

Hunter Joe has to travel through a long and terrible dungeon where bloodthirsty monsters and creatures are waiting for him.

20,292 » action games
Trap Shot

Trap Shot

Shoot those clay pigeons down!

14,400 » shooting games
Bowman 2

Bowman 2

Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow with a mouse! Bowman the sequel.

32,967 » shooting games


They fly! Destroy them all! Enemies are cruel and guileful! All you need is: kill, crush and destroy!

24,608 » arcade games
3D Shooter

3D Shooter

Shoot down the targets with a limited time to reload your rifle.

30,347 » shooting games
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