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  5. Desert Warfare 2
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  7. Elite Forces: Clone Wars
  8. Warfare 1917
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  1. Creeper World: Evermore (4.84)
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Table Games

Here you'll see games related to playing on table sports genre.

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Use your brutal intellect and savage intuition to capture the enemy chief! This innovative board game can be played in two modes: either turn-based or real-time. Divoshi: The Spirit of Battle Pick any of the 16 qualified national teams and try to beat the CPU in tournament to become a champion of the Euro Cup! Gravity Football Euro 2012 A pool game with improved physics and more accurate spin control. Snooker has slight different rules and Magician Challenge level is a sure way to see you're really a snooker genius! Pub Snooker Take on eight awesome opponents in this realistic game of Nine Ball Billiards! Billiard Blitz 3: Nine Ball An ancient, abstract strategy board game which is also known as Connect Five in a Row. Create an unbroken row of five stones horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Gomoku Test your skill and accuracy on a small pool table. It's got a nice, realistic 3D perspective view. 3D Quick Pool
Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers

An interesting game clone of Chinese Checkers.

11,742 » strategy games
Air Hockey

Air Hockey

You all know how to play this one, inspired by pong!

9,553 » sports games
Ace Blackjack

Ace Blackjack

A game for all you betters out there. Very addictive.

10,190 » sports games
Ultimate Billiards

Ultimate Billiards

Put the bombs away fast or they'll blow off!

6,169 » sports games
Air Hockey II

Air Hockey II

This is a very nice Air Hockey game.

10,889 » sports games
Electro Air Hockey

Electro Air Hockey

Arcade style Air Hockey, 16 characters, special moves and more.

8,606 » sports games
Celtic Mahjong

Celtic Mahjong

Save the goddess and restore the seasons from an evil spell in this Celtic twist on mahjong solitaire.

25,508 » sports games
Aces High

Aces High

Make a bet per card and get aces or higher to win. Cool 3D like graphics! Try to get on the high score list.

9,959 » sports games
Doof Ball

Doof Ball

Choose from one of twenty Foosball teams and take them to the top! Battle through the first round, quarter finals, a semi and a grand final to win the cup!

10,912 » sports games
Pool Online

Pool Online

Another classical pool game for everyone.

14,563 » sports games
Penthouse Pool

Penthouse Pool

A Billiards game with realistic physics effects. Play straight pool or 9-ball.

17,591 » sports games
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