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  1. Mud and Blood 2
  2. Hex Empire
  3. Mud and Blood 2.6
  4. Warfare 1944
  5. Desert Warfare 2
  6. Mud and Blood 2.c
  7. Elite Forces: Clone Wars
  8. Warfare 1917
  9. Sniper Duty
  10. 1066

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  1. Creeper World: Evermore (4.84)
  2. StarBaron (4.83)
  3. Eridani (4.79)
  4. Elf Tree Defense (4.76)
  5. Warfare 1917 (4.64)
  6. 1066 (4.63)
  7. Frontier (4.63)
  8. Pandemic 2 (4.63)
  9. Sands of the Coliseum (4.62)
  10. Steambirds Survival (4.62)

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Play adventure games and take on a new and exciting journey to a different world.

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Asgard once a peaceful land for everyone to live have been invaded by orcs. Team up with archer and sorceress, and fight them in this RPG adventure! Asgard Story Build and protect castles simultaneously in this original and addictive puzzle game! Castle Lite Search and explore the dungeon full of mysterious items and find a way out while forging items and defeating monsters! Elventales: The Arcanery By the time of WWII, the Nazis built the weapons that were far more superior than others so a Union Army was sent to spy on them. Your mission is to destroy the enemy's newly manufactured tanks. Warfare 1945 Pirates have invaded the shores! Use the little piranha to sink pirate boats and ships in this underwater action adventure. Feed Us Pirates A turn-based RPG that follows the story of a young Dragon on his quest to defeat an evil witch. This time he must seek allies to aid him on his journey and save the world from oncoming invasion. Crystal Story II
Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

It's the flash version of an amazing retro game.

10,577 » adventure games
MegaMan Project X

MegaMan Project X

You all know this one, now you can play this excellent platform game online!

8,164 » adventure games
Mario Brother 3

Mario Brother 3

The good old Mario Brother 3.

8,754 » adventure games
Where to go?

Where to go?

Guess where to go in this game.. its pure luck!

6,951 » adventure games
Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones the Lost Treasure of the Pharaoh is simply an awesome game with nice graphics. Find your way out of here!

8,906 » adventure games
Frank's Adventure

Frank's Adventure

Cool adventure role playing type game.

10,451 » adventure games
Mardek: A Fallen Star

Mardek: A Fallen Star

Enter a magical kingdom to rescue princess from the beast that is holding her at Craggy Peak. An RPG game with lots of fighting scenes similar to Zelda and Final Fantasy.

6,513 » adventure games
Safety Run

Safety Run

Run along whatever you have to, so that you can save your beloved cats.

5,686 » adventure games


Play as a golem who joins the Stone Guard to defend his country. Your first mission is to get the power crystals from the caves below the Stone Fort. Your weapon of choice is the flail which is attached to your mouse.

6,048 » adventure games
Megaman Goes To Hell

Megaman Goes To Hell

A funny parody where Megaman, the game character, goes to hell.

6,291 » adventure games
Treasure Seas

Treasure Seas

Upgrade your submarine and hunt for treasure!

10,245 » adventure games
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